Dec 19, 2011

New website!

Our new website is now online at Please remember to change your bookmarks as this sit will close down in a while. Thanks for visiting and have Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Aug 16, 2011

Moving places

We'll soon be moving our blog and website to a new address, with a fresh new design. Until the move has been completed we'll be taking a break from the blog. Here's a quick report from our recent packing trip with Thunder, Tuisku and Gem; We had a great time hiking on the Norwegian island of Senja, even though it rained practically every day. Regardless of weather, Norway is still one of the most beautiful places on earth. Below are a few photos from our trip, more pictures will be published when we move to our new website.

Backpacking on the rugged island of Senja.
Thunder, Gem and Tuisku admiring the Norwegian kingdom.
After completing the hike we visited a secret island off the coast.
Thunder found the remains of a whale on the beach.
A coral island with paradise beaches north of the Arctic Circle. Is it really possible?

Anything is possible. Hope to see you soon at our new website!  :-)

Aug 7, 2011

Aug 2, 2011

August nights

After saying goodnight to the dogs I noticed that it's starting to get dark again....time to snuggle up with a good book and a cup of tea!     

Country living

I've had a natural break from the blog since we haven't been doing much lately (apart from less interesting stuff, such as constructing more kennels and helping my mom move into her new home). It's been a sunny and dry summer here on the coast and most of the time it's been too warm to involve the dogs in any working activities. Instead we've been taking it easy at home, enjoying quality time with the family.   

Tuisku hanging out at Grandma's place - she lives next door.

Since we live in the countryside and have farms nearby it's important that our dogs behave well around livestock. Our neighbour's horses sometimes come wandering into our yard, making everybody very excited. Having lived in Lapland, our Malamutes are more used to reindeers than horses and cattle...

Leia making a new acquaintance.

This handsome guy lives in the village. We haven't said hello to him personally but I don't think it's necessary,
our dogs seem to have plenty of respect for Mr Goat.
His kids are very cute and cuddly, especially this one who has been raised on the bottle.
We still have a couple of weeks left of our holiday and are heading up north to do some hiking in the mountains.
See you later!  

Jul 15, 2011

Midnight swim

Tuisku, Leia and Thunder came along for a quick swim at midnight. The ocean was quiet and the beautiful sunset reflected on the water, creating endless hues of pink, lilac, yellow and blue. Being by the sea evokes the same sense of freedom as I experience in the mountains - and both places create a big calm.

Tuisku and Leia were quick to dive into the warm water, while Thunder prefered to remain on land as usual.
Tuisku decided to go island hopping...

...and found his own kingdom at sea.
I often wonder if animals, and especially Malamutes, can appreciate a beautiful sunset the same way we do.
 How could this go unnoticed?

Unlike many Malamute owners, I love summer as much as I love winter. Every season has something to offer and I believe our dogs are just as happy now as they are in midwinter. It's not the weather or temperature that is important - it's the magic moments they share with their buddies and with us.

Jul 14, 2011

On request....

Some more photos of our Leia Bear!

Leia (Snowhow Shade of Raven, WTD) turned six years this spring and is as gorgeous as ever. 
Leia is out of Ch Snowlion's Lone Ranger, WTD and FIN MVA Neatut Palarpok KVK1 REK1.
Check out the size of her feet!
Leia's character shines through in the photos - she's a happy girl with a big personality!

Jul 11, 2011

Beach Babe


Leia isn't usually that keen on swimming...
...but she can't resist the chance to fetch a ball.
This girl loves to retrieve!
She could go on all day!
And she's quite the athlete too.